Courier bags are poisonous?


Online shopping is very popular nowadays, but a citizen in Shijiazhuang suffered skin allergies after tearing the parcel from the express package. As soon as the news came out, it caused heated discussion among the citizens, and some netizens even said that they would never touch the express delivery anymore. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Dermatology Prevention Institute of the Municipal Hospital and the Chemical Laboratory Center of Qingdao University that the materials of the express packaging bags contain harmful chemical substances. The citizens should wash their hands in time after disassembling the express, and people who are allergic should avoid touching the express with their hands.

   Express packaging bags cause skin allergies

   Recently, a CCTV news titled "Hidden Dangers in Packaging" caused heated discussions among netizens. According to the report, Ms. Li, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, unpacked the express package and got a small red bump on her hand. She went to the hospital to find out that she had skin allergies. As soon as the news came out, many citizens suddenly had questions about the quality and safety of express packaging bags.

   Yesterday, the reporter interviewed Mr. Hou of a certain express company in Daocheng. He said that he can take over nearly a hundred express delivery every day, but he said that he did not know about the harmful substances in the express packaging bags. "Express packaging bags are often stacked on the ground, which is easy to attract dust, but I really don't know that it can cause allergies." According to Mr. Hou, the cost of packaging bags is relatively low, and many of them are made of synthetic materials.

  Packaging bags are mostly processed by chemical materials

"At present, many express companies use more complicated packaging materials. Most of these materials are reprocessed from chemical materials and domestic waste. A large amount of harmful substances, such as plasticizers and flame retardants, may remain." Qingdao Ma Zhaoli, a professor at the University’s Chemical Experiment Center, told reporters that the general material of plastic bags is polyvinyl chloride, and these materials are low in cost and cheap. Manufacturers of plastic bags made of polyvinyl chloride will produce plasticizers at higher temperatures, and plasticizers are harmful to the human body. In addition, Ma Zhaoli said that there are many courier bags made of recycled materials on the market, "It is to recycle chemical waste to make courier bags. These bags are chemically unstable and have a pungent odor, which is very harmful to the human body and the environment. "Ma Zhaoli said that small companies or some sellers in order to reduce costs may use such courier bags.


   Sensitive people are best not to tear

Afterwards, the reporter consulted the director of Shi Tongxin of the Dermatology Prevention and Treatment Institute of the Municipal Hospital. He said that there will be residual contaminants in the outer packaging of the express delivery, and there are many bacteria. It is best not to tear it open by hand when disassembling the express delivery. Tool. In addition, he reminded people who are prone to allergies that it is best not to frequently touch express plastic bags. If they do, they should wash their hands in time to prevent the growth of bacteria and allergies.